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Welcome to the
Construction Collage

A playful and collaborative workshop,

on the topic of construction

to respond to the challenges of climate change

Teamwork Fresque.png

"As a team, become aware of the impacts of the construction industry to act effectively"





47%of greenhouse

gas emissions are related

to construction...

What share of

soils are

artificialised ?

What are

the impacts

of concrete manufacturing

and use?


How much 

plastic waste is produced in construction?

What are the levers to




How do we adapt construction to the world of 


Find all

the answers in

the Construction Collage!

Logo Construction Collage Large.png

Fun, collaborative, educational & creative,

this workshop is based on collective intelligence

by making participants actors of their Collage.

Tell me and I will forget,

show me and I may remember,

involve me and I will understand.


- Understanding the stakes

is the vehicle to accept change 

and become an actor -


Objectives of the Construction Collage

Be accessible to the maximum of people;

To alert on different issues:

climate change | biodiversity | pollution | resource depletion... ;

To provide knowledge: to give data awareness of the orders of magnitude and ressources;

To make us consider our real needs and then the courses of action;

To have a global vision of the curent impact of the construction sector on our environment.

Give the maximum of information in 3 hours to help the construction sector transition;


Who is it for?

Everyone is concerned by climate change and biodiversity loss. Construction Collage was therefore designed for people with an interest in the construction sector as well as for all construction professionals: the former will discover the subject and deconstruct their prejudices, while the latter will go deeper and question their practices.


Public workshops online and in-person.  Private workshops can be held in your premises, in a room made available to us, or online. We will think about this together when we organise the Collage.


Because the climate emergency requires us to change course very quickly. One of the keys is understanding the problem.

The data...

Building techniques and regulations vary greatly between countries and regions. We’ve gathered global data and local illustrations to raise issues.

The sources come from the following reports: IPCC, ADEME, GlobalABC, AIEA, FAO, WHO, ACAN, LETI and many more. 


How do we play?

The game is very simple. The players are in teams of 4 to 8. They have cards representing the different components linked to the construction sector and work together to find the cause and effect links by theme by positioning them and linking them together. A facilitator supervises one or more teams in order to guide them during the workshop, ensure good communication between the members and give additional explanations.

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Picto Utilisation.png
Picto urba.png
Picto Construction.png

Course of the workshop

Atelier 1.png

1st part "Understanding"

During this part of 1h30, the participants discover the game cards and co-construct the Collage around different themes:

needs | urbanism | design | construction | uses and their consequences.

2nd part "Creativity"

In 25 minutes, the participants decompress and take a step back from the Collage by illustrating it, making it unique. The participants have to make their Collage as attractive, original and comprehensive as possible. They have to choose a title together, highlight the key messages, add illustrations,... This creative phase allows the knowledge to be appropriated.

3rd part "Action points"

This part lasts 1 hour and is divided into two stages:

- The participants imagine and propose their courses of action;
- In the second stage, 60 action cards are proposed. The players read them, select them and explain their choice to the others. After the discussion, they debate the most relevant courses of action and the actions to be taken.


4th part "Restitution"

In just 5 minutes, the facilitator summarises what has been learnt in order to anchor it in people's minds and to give them an overview.

Atelier 2.png

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The Construction
Collage Team...

Team sepia.png

Construction Collage authors

01 Guillaume MENET.jpg


Project management company specializing in passive and eco-designed buildings

"Let's be the change

that we want to see

in the world"


Guillaume MENET

06 Renaud BONNEL.jpg


"My ambition:

enable and help


communities to

accelerate the ecological transition

for the next decade."


02 Sébastien LORTOLARY.jpg



"My project combines design and implementation

of the material.

The desirable spiral

is on!"


07 Timothée MARAIS.jpg


Timothée MARAIS



at Bouygues

Bâtiment Grand Ouest


Bureau members

Picto Femme.png


Picto Femme.png

Treasurer & Co-Participant

Picto Homme.png

Guillaume MENET

Picto Homme.png


Picto Homme.png

Sébastien LORTALY

Board members

Picto Femme.png


Picto Femme.png


Picto Homme.png


Picto Homme.png

The Bureau

Public Relations

Picto Femme.png


They are also there to advise you and answer your questions.


International version

Spanish version


Swiss version

11 Olga Gogoleva.jpg


12 Frédérique BOURGEON.jpg


Picto Femme.png
Picto Homme.png
Mylene Cuisenier.jpg


Géraud de Laval.jpg


 If you would like to suggest an adaptation of the workshop to your region,

please refer to the charter (available in French; the English version is currently being developed):

la charte d'adaptation FDLC aux contextes nationaux ou locaux 

L'Équipe de la Fresque


in the Construction Collage

and become a facilitator



. Participate in a Construction Collage  workshop;

. Be an experienced (orange belt) Climate Fresk facilitator;
. Be from the construction, urban planning, real estate or academic(construction related) sector;

. Participate in a Construction Collage facilitator training;

. Be familiar with the reference organisations and have read the publications of the reference organisations;

. Be validated by a Construction Collage trainers as an approved facilitator during one's first workshop.

Find all the information in the following document:

Facilitator's Construction College Course


The Construction Collage association

Its role is to ensure a wide dissemination of the Collage and, through this workshop, a wide dissemination of knowledge of environmental and social problems related to construction in order to provide adequate solutions.

To join the association, the first step is to have played the Collage and to apply for membership by email to the association.


The membership fee for the association is 20 euros to be paid at the ticket office for a personal subscription.


Donations to the association are welcome. They will be collected by the ticket office. The association is registered as a Loi 1901 non-profit organization in France.



This tool is protected by Copyright law.

Any use of the Construction Collage in charity, personal and school settings (initial training) is welcome!

For this purpose, the Construction Collage is be licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 EN licence. This means that the tool can be used freely, provided that the work is credited, that no modifications are made and that the use is non-commercial. This excludes any paid use and any internal use within a company.

Commercial use

Any use of the Construction Collage in professional settings - both as a service and internally in companies - will soon be welcome!

In the first quarter of 2022, a framework will be provided to allow the Construction Collage to be used more widely in professional settings. Commercial use will then be allowed for other facilitators, provided that certain requirements are met and a fee is paid to the association. The fees collected will be used to finance the dissemination of the Construction Collage, in order to spread knowledge of the environmental impacts of the construction sector as well as the associated courses of action.

Find all the information: User rights charter.

For the time being, commercial use of the Construction Collage is not yet authorised, unless explicitly agreed with its co-creators.

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Fds Interviews.png

What they say

about the Collage...

Clémence Dubois rds.png
Guillemet ouvert Jaune.png
Guillemet fermé Jaune.png

Clémence Dubois

Development manager at Baticité, CD2E, accelerator of ecotranstion.

The Construction Collage, or how to better understand the extent of the urgency to act and transform the building sector!

Infrastructures, development models, energy consumption, patterns, materials, uses... everything is included, and in a few hours allows us to built a good overview of the situation of the sector today.


The Collage allows to imagine solutions and debate with confidence.

It's a collective tool and I highly recommend to use it!

François Renoulin Rds.png
Guillemet ouvert Rose.png
Guillemet fermé Rose.png

François Renoulin

General Manager

at Giboire

To meet the climate challenges, each sector must question its practices and the building sector has major environmental and social impacts.

Construction Collage is a high-quality educational tool: it helps participants to clearly diagnose the functioning of the sector and allows them to glimpse - or rather deduce - the paths to be taken for tomorrow...

In a few hours, the workshop provides a base for understanding and integrating both the current practices and the transformations to be made.

You learn better while having fun and success is based on transforming a sometimes brutal observation into a dynamic and friendly moment, which makes you want to take action. The bet on collective intelligence is successful.

Marie Hélène Plumier Rds.png
Guillemet ouvert Bleue.png
Guillemet fermé Bleue.png

Marie Hélène Plumier

Head of Real Estate Promotions at ALTER Anjou Loire TERritoire

This exercise is remarkable in two ways, starting with the process - the workshop combines seriousness, involvement and good humor to acquire knowledge.

A diverse range of the subjects is  raised: building materials   pollution  | GHG  | consumption  |  displacement, to compose, in the end, the Construction Collage.

Obviously, we come out of this participatory half-day motivated, united in the teams with a different outlook on the act of building.

So come and participate in the Construction Collage and get involved in contributing to the success of carbon reduction in construction!

John Tanguy rds.png

John Tanguy

Strategy and

Innovation Director

at Greater Paris

Guillemet ouvert Verte.png
Guillemet fermé Verte.png

The construction collage has enabled us to fully understand the environmental issues related to the field of construction. What drivers there are behind the environmental footprint but also and above all what levers we could activate to collectively be a little more virtuous. The collective exercise leaves room for exchange and dialogue on the subject, which is more than necessary.

We are leaving with ideas for good practices in areas that we are working on at the time of this writing. So a big thank you to the Construction Collage :)!


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Have you heard of

the Climate Fresk ?

Fresque Climat.png

It is a collaborative workshop to grasp how climate change works.

Construction Collage responds to the impacts of construction on environment, and completes this workshop that raises awareness about the climate emergency.

This playful and educational workshop is based on the work of IPCC.

We strongly advise to participate in it!

Find more information on the website of the Climate Fresk..


For an online workshop, go to the ticket office,
for any other question or an in-person workshop, contact us:

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